CUIP Online

CUIP-Online (the Chicago WebDocent/eCUIP Digital Library Projects) bring together CPS teachers, museum educators and University experts to create original, content-rich, Web-based resources.  Since 1999, at times independently and at times collaboratively, WebDocent and the Digital Library have worked to develop curriculum and research modules that leverage the intellectual capital and resources of the University to enrich available school-based resources.  To date, WebDocent has produced 9 modules (encompassing 47 lessons) in middle-school social studies and science topics at the request of teachers who identified a gap in online resources for teaching required subjects. These include modules on the history of Chicago, the U.S. Constitution, the Periodic Table of the Elements, and the origins of the elements and stories of their discovery.  To support independent student research, the Digital Library has created a suite of source materials, including scholarly articles, image collections, and oral histories, for example, on topics such as Chicago history, cultural astronomy, paleontology, archaeology, Middle Eastern culture, and more.