CUIP: Technology Face-to-Face

CUIP: Technology Face-to-Face inspires young minds to what is possible by providing services that enhance teaching and learning through the use of the Internet and other computer technologies. CUIP is a collaboration of The University of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Chicago cultural institutions, and CPS schools in the Woodlawn, Hyde Park/South Kenwood, and North Kenwood/Oakland neighborhoods.

CUIP staff work in local schools and with the district at-large on three key initiatives aimed at improving education for urban students:

  • CUIP-in-the-Schools anywhere, anytimeworks closely with school leaders to cultivate technology management and stewardship by providing key services: principal consultation, project management, classroom technology integration, professional development, and technology infrastructure management and maintenance.
  • CUIP Online (the Chicago WebDocent/eCUIP Digital Library Projects) bring together CPS teachers, museum educators and University experts to create original, content-rich, Web-based resources that leverage the intellectual capital and resources of the University to enrich available school-based resources.
  • Summer CUIP delivers STEM programming for Chicago Public Schools student-teacher teams who discover the powerful educational and research applications of computing by using Big Data in conjunction with CUIP Online resources.

Together, these initiatives answer an expressed need for technology support, classroom resources, and professional development by Chicago Public Schools teachers and principals.